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Deepanshu Khandelwal

Head of Ops, LifCare

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Pankaj Diwan

Managing Director, Idealabs

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Shonalie Gupta

HR Head India & L&D APAC, Atkins

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Vijetha Shastry

Lead, Open Innovation, NASSCOM IoT CoE

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Vivek Bansal

Group CEO, Coastal Marine Construction & Engg

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Anshul Dave

Director, 50K Ventures

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Augustus Azariah

Associate Director HR, IBM

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Nanjunda Palecanda

Partner, Innoberator

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Sam Baisla

Founder CEO, NexEL World

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Pratik Gauri

Founder, INY Foundation

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Mandar Joshi

Founder, Techknowsmart Consulting

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Rajiv Indimath

Founding Partner, InCa Growth Partners

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Give me 5 – Mentoring Bank

Startup India Foundation is a not-for-profit non-governmental organisation founded by a group of entrepreneurs to support the first time entrepreneurs, especially from smaller towns, to successfully build their startups. This support is provided by arranging no-nonsense startup events and initiatives to support the entrepreneurs with mentoring, advice, training and other assistance.

India is now the 3rd largest startup hub with thousands of early-stage startups. More than 90% of these startups are done by first-time entrepreneurs where having access to experienced mentors can make the difference between being successful or shutting down.

Introducing Give me 5 – a Startup Mentoring initiative of Startup India Foundation.

Give me 5 is the way for successful entrepreneurs, investors and experts to give back to the Indian Startup Ecosystem by donating 5 hours of their time every month to Startup India Foundation’s mentoring bank. These mentoring hours are in turn is made available to early-stage entrepreneurs or those aspiring to be entrepreneurs through this structured mentoring program.

The “Mentors Directory” section lists all the mentors with their detailed profiles and areas of expertise. Each mentor has indicated 3-5 top areas that they prefer mentoring entrepreneurs on. The matching between mentee and mentor will be done based on these parameters. The entrepreneur will be able to browse through the profiles and areas of expertise of the mentors on Startup India Foundation website and select the ones they would like to be mentored by.

Checkout the amazing mentors already on board (searchable by expertise and skills!

To make it affordable to even entrepreneurs who are bootstrapping,  Startup India Foundation will charge a fee of Rs. 2000-2500 for every hour of mentoring. All mentoring time will be counted in units of a single hour (for example, a 1 hour 15 mins session will be counted as two hours – one hour is the minimum).

This mentoring can be done via face-to-face meetings, skype or phone call at a mutually convenient time – as decided by the mentor and mentee mutually.

The entire mentoring process will be coordinated by Startup India Foundation. All the money raised through this initiative will be used to support the startup ecosystem development initiatives.

– The mentors are experts and willing to help but are busy with their own work too. So it may take time for them to slot the mentoring hours in their calendar. So be patient.

– Mentor will reserve the right to mentor a particular entrepreneur or not.

– Mentor and mentee will have the right to engage with each other in any other capacity post their mentoring interaction.

There are multiple options to access mentoring – ranging from 1 or 2 hour pass to a bulk 5 hours pass. There is also a Special Full Day pass for incubators. You can buy your mentoring pass below!


Q1. How many hours can I buy?

A1. You can buy as many hours as you need. However, we suggest you start with a one hour or two-hour mentoring pass and see how it goes for you. If you are happy with the mentoring you get, you can buy more (even five hours mentoring pass)

Q2. Can I split the one hour mentoring that I have paid for among multiple mentors?

A2. NO, you can’t split one hour into multiple mentors. The basic unit we use to count usage of mentoring hours is one hour. So if you have already used say 30 mins of the one hour with one mentor, then that hour is counted as consumed.

Q3. Can I split the one hour I bought with the same mentor for multiple smaller meetings?

A3. No, that would not be possible and is avoidable too. It becomes too much to track and coordinate parts of the hour in multiple sessions. One session, one hour or less in duration, will be counted as one complete hour consumed. So its advisable to do your homework on what you want to talk about, what advice you need etc. before the session and be as specific as possible. However, in case of the special Incubator Full Day Pass, this is allowed as the mentor will be available for face-to-face mentoring of all entrepreneurs nominated by incubator.

Q4. If I buy multiple hours of the mentoring pass, can I use it with multiple mentors?

A4. Yes, you can (as long as the minimum one hour counted rule is followed – see Q3 above)

Q5. Will my money be refunded if I am not satisfied with the mentoring I got?

A5. No, that’s not practically possible. Satisfaction being a subjective thing, we can’t objectively say if the session was useful or not. So choose your mentor carefully, research about him on the internet,  read what he has written or hear what the mentor has talked about in different forums, what their expertise is and then decide. But once you have had a session with that mentor, it is done and non-refundable.

Q6. Will my money be refunded if the mentor I wanted is not available to mentor?

A6. YES, it can be refunded. However, please note that the mentors are experts and may be busy with their own projects, travel or other engagements. So we will need a window of 30 days to arrange the mentoring session at mutual convenience. If we are not able to do so, the money can be refunded.

Q7. If an area I am looking at getting mentored has no suitable mentor listed on Startup India Foundation website,  can you arrange a mentor that meets the requirement?

A7. Yes, we can try. In this case, send us an email and let’s try and find you one. Please don’t buy the mentoring pass till we confirm (

Our Projects

Startup India Foundation has been formed to support first-time entrepreneurs, especially from smaller Tier II and Tier III towns, to successfully build their startups. This support is provided by arranging no-nonsense startup events where early-stage startups and those in the startup ecosystem willing to support them can meet, interact, develop relationships and help each other. Besides events, it focuses on reaching out to hundreds of incubators around the country and providing them with the guidance, access to mentors and resources.


Startup India Foundation has partnered with GITEX Future Stars 2018 (GFS18) to bridge the gap between the Indian Tech Startup Ecosystem and the Middle East & Africa. GFS18, being held from 14th to 17th of October, 2018, is the fastest growing Global Startup Event in the Middle East, Africa & South Asia.

  • A Young and thriving startup community? Check!
  • Mingling with mega-fund investors and Silicon Valley VCs?Check!
  • A booming tech-buying base fueled by the region’s #1 tech event, GITEX Tech Week, happening next door? Check!
  • A future-driven, innovator-friendly region? Check!

GITEX Future Stars has it all covered when it comes to giving startups a global stage to shine and prepping today’s industries for the future. This is where the world’s most imaginative ideas are seen live in action, where technologies like blockchain and AI go beyond being buzzwords to become business realities, and where industries evolve in real-time. This is where the hype gets real.

Besides the benefits provided by GITEX, Startup India Foundation has put together a special privileges pack for startups booking their stall through us. This includes free coworking acecss, 1-to-1 investor meetings, Special sessions of doing business in the UAE and the Middle East and many more…

Click here to know the benefits and costs of participating in GITEX Future Stars 2018

Seaside Startup Summit Goa

We organised our first event, Seaside Startup Summit, one of its kind and unique non-formal startup event organised in a form of tent camp which aims to establish a new type of startup platform worldwide. It was first held on shores of Lake Sevan in Armenia and is now going global.

The first location selected for launching the Summit in India was Goa. The summit was held from March 6 – 11, 2018 at the beautiful Cabo de Rama Beach, South Goa. Over 100 early-stage Startups, 200+ entrepreneurs, 100+ investors, 70+ volunteers and 300+ guests from India, Europe, Armenia, Australia and the Middle East participated in the Seaside Startup Summit – making it the bridge between startups ecosystems worldwide.

During the summit over 1000 participants which include entrepreneurs, developers, mentors, trainers, investors etc. had an opportunity to:

  • Improve their skills and acquire new knowledge during the Workshops,
  • Campfire talks and mentoring sessions,
  • Obtain new valuable contacts,
  • Discover possibilities of cooperation and partnership,
  • Compete with their teams and ideas during the Startup Battles and Pitching sessions,
  • Win grants and get investments,
  • Have a great time during the leisure activities.

The four describing words for the Summit are: CONNECT, LEARN, WIN and have FUN. It is an amazing international platform for the startup ecosystem.

Give me 5 – Mentoring

India is now the 3rd largest startup hub with thousands of early stage startups. More than 90% of these startups are done by first time entrepreneurs where having access to experienced mentors can make the difference between being successful or shutting down. Startup India Foundation is committed to helping these first time entrepreneurs, especially from smaller towns in their startup journey.

Give me 5 is a unique way for successful entrepreneurs, investors and experts to give back to the Indian Startup Ecosystem by donating 5 hours of their time every month to Startup India Foundation. These mentoring hours will be made available to early stage entrepreneurs or wannabe entrepreneurs through a structured mentoring program.

This mentoring initiative will serve as a bridge between the first time entrepreneurs who most need mentoring with the experts and successful entrepreneurs who want to support the Indian Startup Ecosystem.

For more details, refer to the Give me 5 – Mentoring section in the menu.

Indian Startup Ecosystem

India continues its momentum of being one of the most vibrant landscape for startups worldwide, strengthening its position as the third largest startup ecosystem across the world. In 2017, the Indian startup ecosystem added over 1000+ tech startups, taking the total number of tech startups to over 5000 with a total current market valuation of over US$ 32 Bn.

As per recently released NASSCOM report – Indian Start-Up Ecosystem – Traversing The Maturity Cycle – Edition 2017, India has witnessed a phenomenal progress of the technology start-up ecosystem in the last 10 years. The period was marked by the inception of several thousands of start-ups, rise of unicorns with a total current market valuation of over US$ 32 Bn and the emergence of category leaders in areas of Robotics, Analytics, EduTech, HealthTech, Fintech, AI etc.

Indian ecosystem continues to remain attractive for investors with almost US$ 6.4 Bn of funding in first half of 2017 demonstrating 167% growth over H1 2016. The start-up ecosystem also witnessed mushrooming of a significant base of companies building solutions for India centric grass root level problems across Healthcare, Education Inclusion, Financial Inclusion, Clean Energy and Agriculture.

A major trend we see is startups emerging from smaller Tier II cities. These startups have the advantage of low burn rate and lower valuations. These have potential to scale quickly and expand to other cities if provided the right guidance. The biggest impetus for startups is the domestic Indian market. The recent demonetization move by government has not only given a impetus to Fintech startups but also pushed the 50m+ SME segment towards a digital way of doing business. India is being viewed as the next lucrative market after China by startups from Europe, US and Asia Pacific.

Our Mission

Startup India Foundation has been formed to support first-time entrepreneurs, especially from smaller Tier II and Tier III towns, to successfully build their startups. This support is provided by arranging no-nonsense startup events where early-stage startups and those in the startup ecosystem willing to support them can meet, interact, develop relationships and help each other. Besides events, it focuses on reaching out to hundreds of incubators around the country and providing them with the guidance, access to mentors and resources.

To partner with Startup India Foundation or to contribute, please connect with us at

Our Team

Startup India Foundation is founded by experienced entrepreneurs who have gone through the tough entrepreneurial journey themselves and understand what it takes for any first-time entrepreneur to build a successful startup.

Anil Chhikara, Chairman

Anil is a serial entrepreneur at heart and believer in power of dreams. Anil loves mentoring budding entrepreneurs and innovative startups on building biz plans, successfully pitching to investors, go-to-market strategies & scaling up businesses.

In 2001, Anil founded 24×7 Learning and led its growth over a decade to become India’s largest e-learning implementation company besides successfully raising multiple rounds of investments including $4m from Network 18 in 2007. Prior to founding 24×7 Learning, Anil had successfully setup and launched businesses for two large multinational companies in India.

Anil is a well-regarded startup mentor in the Indian startup ecosystem and a TEDx speaker. Anil was the anchor judge for Haywards 5000 Haunslay ki Udaan, India’s First Startup Reality TV Show and the official startup coach for The Vault Show, India’s answer to Shark Tank. Anil is admired for his outspoken no-nonsense views about the startups and the ecosystem. He is most sought after judge for startup pitching events and hackathons. He has judged over 1000 startups in the last 12 months.

Sameer Sortur, President (UAE & ME)

Sameer founded SquareCircle Tech that provides market entry and growth for B2B and B2G focussed growth stage tech companies across Middle East Africa, Asia Pacific and United States. It’s model is inclusive of Strategic Partnerships, JVs, Growth-Stage Investments and Technology Advisory for global corporations seeking digital transformation.

Sameer’s specialities include New Market Identification & Entry Strategies for Tech Companies, Entrepreneurship Development, Coaching and Mentoring, New Product Development (NPD), Positioning and Venture Creation Programs, Creating and Bridging entrepreneur friendly knowledge ecosystems & programs launch, Leading industry sales programs and teams to close enterprise deals, 15+ years of large enterprise IT buy and sell-side experience and Board Level Experience, Advisor.

Vikram Jhunjhunwala, Director

Vikram has vast Investment Banking & Capital Markets experience spanning over 25 years involving more than 175 deals valued at over $2 billion. It covers the full range of mergers & acquisitions, capital markets, private equity, debt placement, restructuring and business advisory across sectors such as Telcom, Media & Entertainment, Energy, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Services etc.

He became an entrepreneur in 2004 and since then has intensive experience in investment management which includes proprietary Investments in telecom, media, hospitality, agri-business and startup/ incubation funds. He has worked at senior positions with Coca Cola, Reliance, Ernst & Young, Star TV and ANZ Grindlays Bank.

As a Director in BusinessWorld, he played a key role in its acquired from ABP Group in October 2013. BusinessWorld is India’s largest business magazine with a strong presence in Print, Digital, Events and Business Verticals. As a Co-Founder of Vas Agri Ventures, an innovative startup involved in India’s 1st Hydroponics Agri venture in collaboration with VEK Technologies of Netherlands, he successfully raised $4.5 investment from Infraco Fund of Singapore.

Amit Kumar Mishra, Director

Amit empowers people at the top of the ladder – entrepreneurs, investors, influencers, senior executives and decision-makers – to take fact-based decisions and multiply their growth rate.

Widely known as “Techenveshi”, Amit founded Dazeinfo – India’s #1 Knowledge & Intelligence Platform – with a vision to disrupt the Tech Media & Research Industry. With data-rich deep-dive analysis of the latest industry developments, Dazeinfo helps leaders, entrepreneurs, marketers, strategists, and other business executives take informed decisions.

With more than 85,000 man hours of working experience with multiple global brands likes of LG, Polaris, ORG Telecom worldwide, Amit has learnt the art of being successful despite all odds. After serving renowned brands with best of his skills and potential, Amit jumped on entrepreneurship bandwagon in 2011. His passion for reading, participation in corporate debates, industry analysis, industry research and doing devil’s advocacy has given Amit wings to establish Dazeinfo Media & Research.

A profound speaker, aggressive explorer, tech enthusiast, columnist and mentor (only for few). A strong believer in the fact – You have to be in it to win it.

Md. Sirajuddin, Director

An entrepreneur since his college days, Siraj co-founded DesiredWings, a crowdfunding platform where irrespective of who you are, what you desire, how big or small your dream is, you will find equal access to funding opportunities. DesiredWings has already forged invaluable partnerships with brands like YouWeCan, Fever FM, f6s, BW Disrupt, Tie Delhi etc. has recently acquired Catapooolt – India’s oldest crowdfunding platform. With many diverse specialities including Crowdfunding, Strategy, Business Development, Business Deal Structuring, Sports Management; Siraj dreams of building an end to end ecosystem for start-ups which will be India’s biggest network of Startups, provide best possible support to them and have access to multiple forms of funding. He has already taken a step closer to his goal by co-founding Creator’s Gurukul, a chain of co-working spaces, with the first centre with 600 seats launching soon in Gurgaon. Creator’s Gurukul will be a nurturing space with an active network of mentors, investors and angels within reach for all.

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canada goose vest outlet You’ve seen her in the gym. Headphones in, moving from station to bench, focus fixed. While you recover from those leg raises, she’s on her third set of weighted dips. Deep in Brazil’s Amazon basin, the headwaters of the Xingu River have been home to the Wauja people for generations. Yet as the elder population dwindles and the youth increasingly assimilate, the Wauja language Canada Goose Jackets and the knowledge canada goose black friday sale it expresses are becoming endangered. That is why a canada goose clearance sale delegation of dedicated Wauja speakers recently made the strenuous six day, 5,000 mile journey to the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC to take part in the Recovering Voices Community Research Program canada goose vest outlet.