Helping Indian Startup Ecosystem grow

Startup India Foundation was founded by a group of entrepreneurs who have built successful businesses themselves and walked the path. Having built startups from scratch, raised multi-million dollar investments and built global businesses, distribution networks and strategic partnerships, the entrepreneurs understand what it takes practically for another first-time entrepreneur to build and scale a startup.

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What we do

We welcome all entrepreneurs, especially first-time entrepreneurs from smaller towns and cities, to connect with us and benefit from what Startup India Foundation has to offer.

Our Mission

Developing Startup ecosystem

Startup India foundation aims at fostering entrepreneurship and promoting innovation by creating an ecosystem that is conducive to the growth of budding entrepreneurs.

Startup Events
Dedicated Team
Distinguished Mentors

Reaching out to the young talent.

More than 90% of these startups are done by first-time entrepreneurs. We aim to reach out to them and assist them. We believe having access to experienced mentors can make the difference between being successful or shutting down.


We organise events to help our participants improve their skills and acquire new knowledge during the Workshops, obtain new valuable contacts, discover possibilities of cooperation and partnership and win grants and get investments.

Our Participants Know Best

Lets hear views of some of our participants who
have benefitted from this partnership.

I want to give a massive thanks to the SIF team which helped me come over many apprehensions related to my startup. They also guided me on benefits of improving my presence on digital platform which has helped in the expansion of my business.
Keshav Sharma
CFO, PeopleFirst.Design
Initially i wasn’t sure if this platform would help me but after attending the first SIF event i can say they are great even for a small ‘one man band' business like mine, i could network with many like-minded people and have found very knowleadeable mentors who are available to guide me.
Rishabh Kumar
Founder, Goggol
I found many keen investors for my fintech startup which is based in tier-II cities with the help of SIF foundation. With major part of these cities getting onboard to digital payments, all we needed was interested set of people with same vision to steer our business to success.
Ishan Bhardwaj
Founde, Onlinebusiness

Our Team

Behind every flourishing organisation is a team of
hardworking and dedicated people. Here's ours...

Anil Chhikara

Anil is a well-regarded startup mentor in the Indian startup ecosystem and a TEDx speaker. Anil was the anchor judge for Haywards 5000 Haunslay ki Udaan, India’s First Startup Reality TV Show and the official startup coach for The Vault Show, India’s answer to Shark Tank. Anil is admired for his outspoken no-nonsense views about the startups and the ecosystem.

Sam Baisla

Sam is a Serial Entrepreneur. He mentors, coaches and trains Entrepreneurs, Consultants and Trainers in growing their Personal Brands using Linkedin and other Social Media platforms. He is the Founder and CEO of Brand Samosa - an innovative Digital Marketing Agency & is also the Founder & CEO of NEXEL World

Sourabh Goyal
Head - Mentoring & projects

His Vision is to create an ecosystem for skills that you need to create your dream life and support you in achieving your dream life. He provides sessions on Life Design and Goal Setting, Financial Education, Health and Fitness Education, How to build your own business

Bharat Gupta
Head - Tech communities & startup

Bharat Gupta will be looking after the Technology Communities and Startups. With his close to a decade experience in nurturing and building technology communities and startups across the country, Bharat will be working towards our mission to strengthen the technology mindset and skills in tier 2/3 cities of India.

Pia Singh
Head - Govt. projects & initiative

She launched a handmade soap start-up and started Road to Bharat campaign with ViaaSoul. Applying her diverse expertise to help startups and SMEs she also consult startups, help businesses scale-up and make enterprises lean, clean & sustainable. The industries she has worked with include Health, Fitness, Food, Non Profits, Manufacturing, AgriTech, EdTech, CleanTech, and MadTech.

Inayat Husain
Community Manager - Jharkhand

Inayat is community manager at Jharkand

Prashant Singh
Community Manager - West UP

Prashant is a community developer, entrepreneur, event host. He has been helping teenage entrepreneurs to become better and find right team members, mentors and investors for their business ideas and to become self independent. He is conducting workshops, brain storming sessions to find solutions for the problems of social entrepreneurs and connect them with right people in the ecosystem.

Mayank Nagpal
Head of Design

Mayank is a new generation entrepreneur who is empowering makers, builders, early stage entrepreneurs, side hustlers,launch their product faster using the power of no-code tools

Blogs & Articles

Deep-dive stories of changemakers and innovators from the startup ecosystem

Our most common asked questions.

Q. If an area I am looking at getting mentored has no suitable mentor listed on Startup India Foundation website,  can you arrange a mentor that meets the requirement?

A. Yes, we can try. In this case, send us an email and let’s try and find you one. Please don’t buy the mentoring pass till we confirm ([email protected]).

Q. Can I split the one hour I bought with the same mentor for multiple smaller meetings?

A. NO, you can’t split one hour into multiple mentors. The basic unit we use to count usage of mentoring hours is one hour. So if you have already used say 30 mins of the one hour with one mentor, then that hour is counted as consumed.

Q. Can I split the one hour mentoring that I have paid for among multiple mentors?

A. NO, you can’t split one hour into multiple mentors. The basic unit we use to count usage of mentoring hours is one hour. So if you have already used say 30 mins of the one hour with one mentor, then that hour is counted as consumed.

Q. Will my money be refunded if I am not satisfied with the mentoring I got?

A. No, that’s not practically possible. Satisfaction being a subjective thing, we can’t objectively say if the session was useful or not. So choose your mentor carefully, research about him on the internet,  read what he has written or hear what the mentor has talked about in different forums, what their expertise is and then decide. But once you have had a session with that mentor, it is done and non-refundable.

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